Tuckahoe Cheesecake Factory

When I bought Tuckahoe Cheesecake Factory in 2008, I was unsure of what type of advertising to maintain. I was told by the previous owners to stick with the Fine D. Zine placemats because they have done well with them since they started advertising in September of 1994.

I did stay with advertising placemats and found them to be quite successful. Just before selling the business to a new owner in 2015, we received a call from our ad on Celinas in Galloway.

A doctor’s office, new to us, who had seen our ad at Christmas 2014 placed an order for 65 cakes to send to associates. That order alone paid for our Fine D. Zine ads for a majority of the year! I had to call Patti at Fine D. Zine and tell her myself! It was very exciting to know how well the placemats have done for us and the new owners are continuing the tradition of advertising with Fine D. Zine. 2020 marks 24 years of placemat advertising for Tuckahoe Cheesecake Factory and we have never been disappointed!

Terry T.- Tuckahoe Cheesecake Factory, Tuckahoe

Cape May Whale Watchers

In 1999 we met Patti Placemat when she came knocking at the door of our business.

At first we were skeptical, but decided to give the placemats a try. I must say we were not disappointed.

We immediately saw coupons coming in for our Dolphin and Whale watching trips. We then expanded our placemat advertising with Fine D. Zine to more restaurants and diners.

In 2012, Fine D. Zine started doing campground guide maps. We decided to give them a try. We have done well with those also and continue to advertise on them still in 2020. We have developed a personal relationship with Patti Placemat over the years. She and her family and friends take trips every year on our Cape May Whale and Dolphin watch boats.

The placemats and guides continue to be a successful form of advertising for us that fits well within our annual budget.

Jeff S. – Cape May Whale Watcher, Cape May

Action Supply

The owner of Action Supply says that Fine D. Zine placemat advertising works for him. People have literally come into his business with a placemat in hand saying they see him on so many placemats that they had to check out Action Supply!

His first ad with Fine D. Zine was on the Point Diner placemat back in July, 1995. He has been advertising on our placemats ever since… over 25 years!

Action Supply is a leading supplier of Concrete, Aggregates and Block in Atlantic and Cape May counties. 

Tom T. – Action Supply,  Ocean View

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