In 2016, we expanded into “Event Promotion & Marketing”.

Early in the year Fine D. Zine became the local promoters to the AC•BC (Atlantic City Boardwalk Con) Comic & Pop Culture Event that was held the Atlantic City Convention Center May 13-15, 2016.

FullSizeRender1Described as “The East Coast’s Newest Comic/Geek/Cosplay Convention, AC•BC (Atlantic City Boardwalk Con)”

In a convention center, not so far, far away, there’s been an awakening.  Geeks from all stretches of the known galaxy are preparing to assemble:  Cosplayers, Scavengers, Ancient Story Tellers, Jedis, and even Younglings are being called to the Core to come and witness the fully excited and inspirational comic convention known as AC•BC!

Whether you’re a casual comic collector, a Whovian, Trekkie, or you love sewing every stitch of your Spidey Suit, AC•BC has created the con just for you!


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